Dragon Steel Products

Twisted Chain Lead With Nylon or Leather Handle
Zinc Diecast Snap Hook
Item # Diameter Length
CLTN1612 1.6mm 1.2 m
CLTN1610 1.6mm 1.0 m
CLTN1606 1.6mm 0.6 m
CLTN2012 2.0mm 1.2 m
CLTN2010 2.0mm 1.0 m
CLTN2006 2.0mm 0.6 m
CLTN2512 2.5mm 1.2 m
CLTN2510 2.5mm 1.0 m
CLTN2506 2.5mm 0.6 m
CLTN3012 3.0mm 1.2 m
CLTN3010 3.0mm 1.0 m
CLTN3006 3.0mm 0.6 m
CLTN3512 3.5mm 1.2 m
CLTN3510 3.5mm 1.0 m
CLTN3506 3.5mm 0.6 m
CLTN4012 4.0mm 1.2 m
CLTN4010 4.0mm 1.0 m
CLTN4006 4.0mm 0.6 m

Double Loop Chain Lead With T Handle & Iron Sheet Snap Hook
Welded Link Chain Lead With T Handle & Malleable Snap Hook
Item # Diameter Length
Double Loop Chains
CLDT1606 1.6mm 6 ft
CLDT1806 1.8mm 6 ft
CLDT2006 2.0mm 6 ft
CLDT2306 2.3mm 6 ft
CLDT2706 2.7mm 6 ft
CLDT3006 3.0mm 6 ft
CLDT3406 3.4mm 6 ft
CLDT3806 3.8mm 6 ft
CLDT4206 4.2mm 6 ft
Welded Long Link Chains
CLWT2506 2.5mm 6 ft
CLWT3006 3.0mm 6 ft
CLWT3506 3.5mm 6 ft
CLWT4006 4.0mm 6 ft